At Nook & Kranny, one of Utah’s best home inspections, it’s our job to ferret out any flaws in the home or building being considered. We’ll give the entire structure the once over so you can relax and worry about more important things.


While a house or building may look good on the outside, sometimes it’s hiding a rap sheet a mile long in its proverbial closets.


Knowing what to look for when buying a house of building is a tricky and scary endeavor. So, bring in a qualified inspector and get to the bottom of things. With extensive experience, we’ll make sure your investment is a sound one.

Questions to ask before buying...

Is the plumbing clear?

  • Do sinks, bathtubs, or toilets drain slowly?
  • Have tree roots invaded the lines?
  • Are there any drips or leaks in plumbing fixtures?

Where is the surface water going?

  • Is it properly draining away from the house or buildings?
  • Is there evidence of moisture penetration noted on the foundation walls?

How is the structure?

  • Are structural members undersized?
  • Are floors sagging, walls leaning?

What about the roof?

  • How long before it'll need replacing?
  • Are there any loose or damaged shingles?

Is the electrical system safe?

  • Can it handle today's higher demands?

How is the foundation?

  • Is the foundation deteriorating?
  • Does it have cracks?
  • Are there signs of settling or damage?

Custom maintenance manual comes free with every home inspection.
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